French Language

Scope of French language

Many French companies are coming to India and they need people knowing French language. Likewise many Indian companies are having French collaborations or overseas projects in Francophone countries. Thus people from commerce or technical background having good knowledge of French language are preferred and get good salary.

Hospitality and travel –tourism industry also requires a great number of personnel who have a basic acquaintance of French language.

With the expertise in French language one can work as a teacher or translator and interpreter.

Some French companies in India:

  • AXA

MNCs like Capgemini, Cognizant, Persistent, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, IBM often work on French projects.

Interesting facts about French language

  • Very sweet and melodious language
  • One of the official languages of Canada
  • Spoken all over the world in around 42 countries
  • One of the official languages of UNO and many other international organizations and bodies
  • Some expressions or words like … C’est la vie, Bon voyage, rendez-vous , tête à tête, R.S.V.P. which are borrowed from French and very well accepted and often used by Anglophones
  • Victor Hugo , Molier , Sartre Auguste Compte are famous French writers and philosophers
  • Zinedine Zidane , Roger Federe , Céline Dion are francophone
  • Cannes International film festival is organized every year in Cannes , France
  • Tour de France , French open tennis tournaments are the pride of France
  • The biggest museum (Louvre Museum ) is in Paris
  • One of the seven wonders –Eiffel Tower is in Paris
    Belgium is a European country that is bordered by France, Germany, Luxembourg and Netherlands. Hence, due to the geographic location and history, the country is highly influenced by the languages of these neighboring countries. For example – Belgium is known as België in Dutch (the language of Netherlands), Belgique in French (the language of France) and Belgien in German (the language of Germany). When I discovered Belgium, rather when I got a chance to visit Belgium for few days, I was happy to observe that all the street signs and street boards and names of the places were all mentioned in the above three languages (and maybe some other regional languages similar to the main three ones) but I was delighted to see French names over there. It felt nice to see a glimpse of the French culture in Belgium. I did not get a chance to click pictures of street signs but I have some examples to show. Belgium is hence considered a francophone country- a country where French is also spoken inspite of the other Germanic languages. My first example here shows a street sign where French is mentioned above and then the same information is mentioned in Dutch below.

    Snehal Walia
    Visiting faculty for French language, SIFIL
    Another example I would now like to show is of the way the capital of Belgium is mentioned here in French and other two languages.  In French its BRUXELLES. We can very well observe au revoir mentioned there in French!
    Other examples are of some other street names that are in French and German or Dutch.

    Vocabulary -
    Mots transparents -  transparent words : There are several words used in common carrying the same meaning in the French and English language.  
    Here are a few words:
    constant, cool correct content
    important, impossible , intelligent, international, national, normal, 
    pale, patient, phenomenal, possible
    rare, respectable
     simple, social, stable

    Cuisine, ingredients,   hamburger,   kebab,  pizza,  spaghetti,  sushi,  litchi, hot dog, coca-cola, soda, corn-flakes, pop corn, toast, milk-shake, orange, chewing-gum,  self service,  sandwich,  melon, courgette, fruit , aubergine, bacon, cordon-bleu, camembert, caramel, Café

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